Saturday, March 22, 2008

silly conversations

Some silly and stupid conversations of our trip which I've recorded for all to see:

"I see a triangle." - me while looking for constellations outside of a bat tunnel in Caprock Canyon State Park

"Mom. Any 3 stars make a triangle!" - Sam

"Sam It!" - Me trying to say "Stop It Sam!" But he thought I was combining his name with a swear word - ha ha!

The kids are throwing carrots at one another in the car. (I think this is when I said Sam It!) and I say, "That has killed people before!" Savannah goes, "Carrots?" We all busted out laughing. (I was trying to make the point, unsuccessfully, that when kids are acting up in the car and parents are trying to get them to stop it is dangerous driving!)

"I just snotted carrots out of my nose!" - Sam

"Look there's a deer! Two deer. Three deer. Four deer. Five deer. Six deer. Seven deer. Eight deer. Nine deer. Ten deer. Eleven deer!" - me at Great Sand Dunes National Monument

"Just a lot of deer" - Savannah

"You're a butt wipe!" - Sam

"You don't have very good insults" - Savannah

"You're a pantyho!" - Sam

"Oh! You know what I really want to do? Write my name in pee in the snow." - Sam

"You'll get sand in your crack!" - Sam to me when I was about to slide down the sand dune on my bottom instead of running down.

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