Sunday, March 16, 2008

I am spoiled

Today was an awesome day. The sun was shining, it was clear and beautiful.... so after getting some work done earlier, at 3pm I sat in the backyard reading the script for the Expedition Shark documentary I'm going to be writing about in Australia, and editing an article I'm writing on biomimicry. I soooo love sunshine!! I also imbibed substantial quantities of carob chips. I mean I was like licking the melting carob off my fingers! I. LOVE. CAROB!!! Sometimes I think I even like it better than chocolate.

Then I headed out to look for some new sunglasses. I lost my prescription ones in Nepal and since I now have contacts, I looked for a nice pair of regular old sunnies, but not cheapos like I used to buy. I ended up at the mall, and got a cool pair of Ralph Lauren ones. Then I remembered I had a $50 Gap gift card from my dad from Christmas.... So I bought some new duds which was great fun since I rarely get new clothes unless I have a particularly compelling reason. And there were great sales! I then ended up in a few other shops... getting some loungy comfy things to wear over my bathing suit on the ship.

On the way home, I had an insatiable craving for cilantro, so I picked that up at the grocery store, and came home and heated up some of my home made veggie-quinoa soup and topped it with fresh cilantro and chopped tomatoes. Super yummo!!!

I got to thinking about how cheap clothes are here, if you look for bargains especially, and how we can all pretty much just go buy whatever we want anytime we want. And I don't mean those who go into debt OVER-spending because that is bad, bad news. But we in America - and the modern industrialized world are so spoiled. I am spoiled. Having seen intense poverty, I really hope we appreciate how good we have it... it's easy to get caught up in the stress of life and finances but... we ain't seen nuttin'.... and I grew up eating dogfood and playing with food stamps, remember? :)

Well this is not so profound, but it's what is on my mind, and now I'm going to bed so I can wake up in time for church and my Financial Peace University class.

Oh, funny thing, I wore green Lucky capris and a sleeveless green striped top today and I had no idea it was St. Patrick's Day! Wow that 4-leaf clover picture brings back memories of searching for them at my dad's place.... and I did find several! Luck O the Irish to ya!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to disrupt your Green Day, but Northwest Houston residents want to save a frog pond at the back door of the local Super Walmart. It appears the land is going to be razed for a dense and profitable apartment project (a natural source of customers).

Here is a link to an article I wrote yesterday. The story needs Texas exposure--and you look like a powerful voice.

I understand that developers are trying to rush and hush this issue.

Roberta Murphy

Anonymous said...

Yuck, dog food. At least I was able to avoid that growing up!

Unknown said...

I actually LOVED dog food for a time. The dry nuggets were pretty tasty.