Tuesday, March 25, 2008

travel woes...again

Well thanks to Continental once again...not only did they cancel our flight here and then proceed to lose our luggage for 3 days, NOW they have "cancelled" both Sam & my reservation saying that we "didn't show up" for our flight! Oddly the lost luggage lady noticed that very fact and fixed it - I THOUGHT. But apparently she only fixed it for Savannah's ticket! So now I'm on hold and hoping these people can fix it. They better or I'm going to be extremely peeved! OK good news, they got it fixed. So they say! We'll see what happens when I show up at the airport...

Skiing at Monarch Mountain was awesome yesterday. The kids had lessons all day and I had a half day one. Savie was a bit frustrated I think. She fell a few times but she did great. She was tired at the end of the day. Sam just loved it. They only got as far as the bunny slope but I got to take a couple runs down the whole green slope. It was only my 2nd time skiing but I feel like I'm pretty good with balance - not quite good enough to go really flying but I get to going pretty fast! Then Sam and I went climbing around in this snowy area, and tried to have a snowball fight but the snow was either chunks of ice or too powdery. But Sam managed to nail me in the arm with a huge ice-ball that STILL hurts!! We couldn't make a snowman because of the snow. But we did slide down a bank a few times and that was fun. Savie stayed in the car because she was tired. Then we went to eat dinner at this awesome pizza place in the town of Salida where we're staying- Amicas. We waited for like 45 minutes and the tired kids weren't pleased about thaht but I appeased them with a drink - hot apple cider for Sam and a homemade root beer for Savie. And I got a Winter's Ginger microbrew which was quite good.

Well it's time to get ready to go to the airport!

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Brian Shmaefsky said...

The joys of travel! Happened so many times to me when flying with the kids.