Sunday, May 14, 2006


i'm in a bad mood! well it was a sweet day, mother's day anyway - the kids made me bead bracelets that say "savie loves mommy" and "sammy loves mommy" (one each) with lots of colored beads. we went to church, went to ihop then went to see Hoot the tree hugging save the owls movie. Sav had read the book and wanted to see it - it was cute. i am looking forward to another adventure to get my mind off things, to run away from life and have an adventure and maybe meet some interesting new people... i hate inner turmoil and conflict, i can drive myself crazy. i want what i can't have always always always... that is the oedipus complex for ya. (read scott peck)! this is the kind of thing i'd talk to daline about... :(

the two cutie pies that made me a mama...

My sweet and beautiful daughter, dressed up for Spanish Cultural Fair at her school, Holy Trinity Episcopal School.

Sam asleep with his Pokemon.

i miss you daline!


Anonymous said...

Why is it...? Why do we spoil what we have in search of what we have not...??? You were at such peace last week. You have two beautiful children and travel the world. Are you getting calls or notes from the one that hurt you last May 2005? That one will never be attainable, he will always be aloof and alone. He cannot be content with just one... Is he playing with your mind and have you let him in again to do so? Be strong.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Hullo Wendee! I got an email from a Karen, found a ref to a Wendee, then another Wendee, so I must write! I started a scribble kind of blog two weeks ago - it's and I live in Geelong Australia. Your profile fits me to a Tee!
Wendy from Oz!