Saturday, May 13, 2006


Wendee tagged me and so now I have to reveal the innards of my soul... no wait I do that already, the innards of my fridge, closet, purse, nightstand and car! Yikes. Let's see.

Fridge: Carob Peppermint Soy Ice cream (the most delish in the world), leftover veggie soup and roasted veggies, free range eggs, soy creamer, frozen coffee beans, can of black beans (frijoles Negros!), lots of bags of bulk flours, nuts, etc from Whole Foods.

Purse: a woven circular change purse from Costa Rica that holds money and credit cards, my cell phone, 2 kinds of Burt's Bees chapstick, 3 checkbooks, Cherry Pie LARAbar.

Closet: a rack for shoes (running shoes, Tevas, sandals etc), a huge box full of old letters that I keep, a box full of random things purchased for future presents, clothes (duh), my North Face sleeping bag.

Car: Rubber hip waders, rubber boots (you never know when you're going to need to slog through a swamp!), Burt's Bees Almond Hand Creme, a silver window shade (it gets hot in Houston's summer!), oodles of Starbuck's napkins (they always come in handy!), odor neutralizer spray...

Night Stand: Bible, The Purpose Driven Life book, my Gratitude Journal, my Prayer Journal, my regular Journal (LOL), a candle and a really cool little lamp, and the small Yine pots I bought in Peru, including the one sweet Yashira gave to me... very special moment, very amazing little girl!

Now, then... I will be flying to Florida to attend the Scripps Howard Environmental Journalism Workshop next week, and very much looking forward to seeing the Everglades, beaches, sea turtles, and various other things in Southern Florida. Los of good things going on - the kids' school Jungle Book play is here in a few minutes so I gotta jet! It was really, really cute (this is the 2nd performance). Love you all! Peace and flowers and joy!

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