Thursday, May 25, 2006

i hate writing

I have discovered I hate writing! I love being a writer, I love traveling, I love slogging through swamps and forests and beaches and seeing wildlife even if I get poison ivy on my ankles because I wore Tevas when I should have worn hiking boots. I love interviewing & researching and I love seeing the final product and reading through a piece I wrote that does my subject justice. I still get excited to see my byline. But the process of sitting down and actually putting word after word is painful and not fun at all. Although sometimes it just flows and that is nice :)

There's actually a quote I'd read by a writer saying something similar, and I just looked it up and found it. When asked if he enjoys his work, writer George RR Martin said:"Not especially, no. .... Mostly, it's a struggle. I enjoy having written."

Well back to the painful struggle... bleh.

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