Saturday, May 06, 2006

spill the beans

i saw a glimpse of a rainbow
through the clouds today
but when i turned around
it was gone
-- WNH

I saw this thing on Bohemian Girl's Blog about spilling beans and I thought it was kinda cool. So I'm going to spill some beans.


1. I always take showers and baths exclusively by candlelight.

2. Once a stranger put a gun to my head, threatened to kill me, and pulled the trigger. Then he laughed and walked away.

3. I punched my stepdad in the nose and then ran away from home in 9th grade. I spent the night in my parents car in the garage but they didn't know I was there until the next day. They didn't call the police.

4. For a week during the summer after 11th grade, a friend and I lived on the streets of Portland, Oregon and hung out with the streetkids, danced til the wee hours of the morn in clubs, slept in abandoned houses and ate $1 bowls of rice and fortune cookies at the Chinese food restaurant.

5. Once in 10th grade I was really mean to a girl who used to be my friend. I turned her friends against her. To this day, I still feel bad. I've never done anything like that before or since. I want to find her so I can apologize.

6. When I was six and seven my favorite place to hang out was the graveyard next to my mom and stepdad's house. I used to read the tombstones and take flowers from graves that had a lot and put on those without any.

7. I love to be alone.

8. My best friend is not talking to me and I honestly don't understand why.

9. I had two children without any medication during childbirth, one at home. I admit sometimes I think women that have drugs in childbirth are wimps. However, if I had another child, I don't know if I could be as brave as I once was.

10. I hate judgmental people. There is a difference between discernment and judgment. All should be ruled by love.

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Anonymous said...

I, also had two beautiful daughters without any medication and after the second one even walked back to my room. I still don't know who that person was and where she is today. I seem to be afraid of everything. I think it is because I watch the news too much and some of the terrible stories really bother me. There is a solution for that, turn the TV off.
My youngest daughter tried to have her first child naturally and never did dilate beyond 2 1/2 cm, she was so upset that she couldn't and ended up having a C-section. I felt her frustration, but she had already been in labor for a full 10 hrs. with no results. It was very emotional because we were all scared out of our minds with what could happen if the epidural wasn't done correctly. When our sweet granddaugher was born, I cried like a baby. Just the fact, everything had turned out okay and mother and baby were fine was all I prayed I would hear so the tears were flowing. What a wonderful thing and
our family is truly blessed because it could've have gone the other way.
Now all I want to do is go back and forth to Denton to see our wonderful and amazing, Daphne Mae. I have lots of pics and videos when I need a dose of Daphne. Its great for what ails you, I'm smiling now just typing this.