Wednesday, September 10, 2008

food foibles and wishbones

Bubbles in the backyard! Savannah with a couple of girls she was babysitting. I love this photo. I love the joy on Savannah's face.
Copyright (c) 2006 Wendee Holtcamp

We really did plan on paying for that food. Elise and I went on a bike ride across the bridge yesterday. We were originally going to go to Starbucks which is 4 miles from my house but Elise was using my son's bike and in her words, dude, it was hurting her a$$, and so we got over the bridge across the San Jacinto River and I said, do you want to stop here and get lunch? She said, sure, dude, let's do it. I said, I don't have my money with me, and she said, I can pay for it and you can pay me back.

We were gonna go to Raffa's, my favorite, but its no longer open for lunch - huge bummer! So we went to Como se Dice. Then we ate and talked and then the check came. And then Elise realized all she had in her wallet were 7 Starbucks cards. To give her a little credit, she did just get back from Thailand, but dude, do they even have Starbuck's there? Hmm, what to do.

We decided to sit on the back patio and get a strawberry margarita. Hoping we could figure out a way to pay for it. We didn't dare tell the waiter why we hadn't put our credit card in the bill yet, since he then might not bring us a margarita! So Elise called her room mate, and fortunately for us he was home and came and bailed us out! Meanwhile that rita was strooong. And we split it. But anyhoo, we rode home and then I attempted to get some work done before I have girls night out.

I am totally digging this song by Watermark on the Purest Place CD, Hidden in You. It makes me feel victorious!

And You alone are deserving of my life
So this is who I am
A lover of a man who was scorned for sinners...
And You, You win the war over me
So my worship will be a life that is hidden in You
Your life is setting me free

A friend asked this question on her blog One Breath at a Time: If your 18-year old self could see your life now, what would she be shocked at? Honestly it took me a couple days to think about it. I wrote that well at 18, I thought I would be a MD/PhD medical researcher but I ended up going into wildlife ecology which suits me far better. However, I never had any clue that I'd be a writer. It never even crossed my radar screen (Although technically when I was 8 I used to say I wanted to be an Author, Acrobat, or Artist). But what would shock me, I think, was all the whining I do about stupid crap in my life that really does not matter. I would say to myself, Get Over it Already!!! And I would be shocked at how much I second-guess myself. In the words of Richard from Texas in Eat, Pray, Love, "You need to get a backbone where your wishbone is." So there it is.

But to be honest my 18-year old self was still a blissfully ignorant wild child. But sometimes, you know, it would be nice to just not give a rat's a$$ what other people think! I care too much sometimes, and not enough other times! And the other day, lo and behold, I came across this on the Prolifically Raw blog of Jennifer Lauck, author of the memoirs Blackbird and Still Waters both of which I love love love and it inspired me for my own memoir writing (I read them years ago) - she calls herself a wounded healer. And my memoir is coming along. Holy cow, I'm writing my memoir!!! I can't believe it is actually happening. OK stream of consciousness there. I've got over 20,000 words (out of about 80,000) written. Holy moly mackeroli. It's happening. And yes, I have a publisher and it's coming out in 2010!!! OK back to the subject... here is what she said:

There is this concern we have with what others think of us. It's habituated, probably from the time of our ancestors, when we were dependent on one another for survival. Fitting in was primal. We are still radically interdependent (even if we don't know it) but this concern is misplaced. We cut off our life force with this habituated worry and by investing our time in it, we keep life from shining through us. That is a great loss, an unnecessary waste. I simply don't do this anymore. I am myself, period. What others think does not concern me.

Georgia, me and Amy last night at Fiesta Azteca where we went for margaritas. Melody went too but she left before I remembered to get out my camera for the handy dandy old self-portraits!

The product of Amy & my pedicures the other day. I love love love this deep blue color. I've had it on for the past couple months other than a brief interlude of red. It reminds me of the color of the sky on the inside of this Led Zeppelin album that I used to love. Amy's toes are the neon orange ones!

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