Sunday, September 14, 2008

After Ike

OK here's the scoop. My house is A-ok, I'm fine and have lots of food and water, but no electricity and no cell phone coverage (tho I can receive and send the occasional text message). I am at Elise's right now who HAS ELECTRICITY! She lives across the major road from where I live so that gives me hope that I'll get mine on sometime soon. But she got hers last might and so far nothing in my neighborhood. Everyone's grilling.... Matt came over and grilled some fish & venison earlier. I don't have any meat in my freezer except a huge brisket that I guess I'll cook tomorrow. I'm BORED to tears - it's amazing how bored you can be even though I have tons of books to read and board games etc. STILL. Holy cow. Call me if you get a chance on my home # if you have it... However circuits are stressed so some people are having trouble getting through.

Trees are down all over my neighborhood, some through people's roofs etc but my house and yard are totally unscathed. OK I gotta get back to my house, think I'm going to go running or something. Going stir crazy!

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