Thursday, September 25, 2008


Here are some photos from the last couple of days. We got electricity back and since then, I've been frantically trying to get caught up on life. My house is a disaster without having the ability to vacuum or clean very well, and I had to restock my fridge and freezer, and still don't have a fraction of the stuff I had to throw away... I have been catching up on email, and online bank stuff, and all that online stuff that had been such a pain for the past TWO WEEKS. Holy moly. Because of the weird nature of the hurrication and the kids off school there's been a lot of socializing since I couldn't work - or it made it very hard to. Savannah started back at school today and Sam starts Monday - IF his school gets power. They're still without it as of now!

I mentioned yesterday the idea we had for the wood rec.ike.ling and here are a couple pics of us collecting boards from fences that have fallen all over. We got a couple of whole fence sides, too, using Matt's truck. Stef has a garage full too. I need to get back out and get more... there's a limited supply of this stuff and we won't be able to rec.ike.le any longer. We are going to make a bunch of very cool environmentally friendly wood crafts from all these boards and donate some money from our profits back to help hurricane victims. At least this is all the plan for now - we're just playing around with ideas and seeing where we can go with it!

Sam carrying boards from the "motherlode" of fence dump sites back to my vehicle. We did a couple trips here and in the evening the mosquitos were like something out of a horror movie!! What a cutie :)
Savannah unloading boards that we got from Stef's neighborhood. The kids cleaned out the garage earlier in the day and now we have a clean space for the boards and working with them.
Noodles anyone?
Uli, Savannah and Sam playing in Stef's pool.
Stef and Uli - what cuties!
Savannah and Uli hanging out on a lawnchair by Stef's pool.
Me and Georgia at Wazabi Sushi bar last night. Taken on my cell phone so it's grainy!
The Wa-Lu rolls I ordered which were very good! I am not a big sushi fan so this was a good start. It had walu tuna, cucumber, and avocado plus strawberries on top. Nice presentation!
Charlotte, Georgia, Carlos, Elisa, Maggie and me at Wazabi Sushi Bar. Stef, Georgia & I stayed out front talking until midnight after the place closed down. I need to buckle down and get some serious work done over the next few weeks! OMG I had the funniest story to tell from this night. I started talking to this guy at the bar when I was asking the owner for his take on the best drink (strawberry infused sake), and then later when I was sitting down with everyone, that guy came over to talk to me, but I didn't realize he was standing right behind me like literally about to open his mouth to say something, and I said to everyone, referring to my past relationships, "Why do I always attract guys that are jerks?!(though I actually said something a little more colorful...sometimes I have a potty mouth! I'm working on it!). Everyone at our table started CRACKING up at which point I turned around to see that guy and he started backing away (jokingly). It was absolutely hilarious like straight out of a movie scene. I felt bad, as I wasn't talking about him! But even he admitted it was classic.
The cool looking sushi boat Charlotte and Carlos got. It was even flaming!

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