Wednesday, April 02, 2008

another brilliant day

Rin Jenny and I having a great time catching up today! :)

Today was another brilliant day. This morn I shouted Jenny to breakfast (I'm already speaking Australian! That means I treated her) at The Coffee Club which is a yummy restaurant with amazing coffee down on the waterfront here in Redcliffe. We then walked down to the beach and went to a couple shops before coming back and then right as we got home, Rin arrived with her 2 kids Raku and Hagan. Jenny Rin & I worked at Griffith Uni back when I lived here in 1991 and were working together on wildlife research at Wivenhoe Dam. Rin came to visit us from Toowoomba (I love the names of Australian cities!) and we all three just sat around and laughed and talked all day while the kids swam. Weather was beautiful and perfect again!

Rin took a hilarious video of us talking about how to pronounce the word "barf." I am writing down all the funny Australian phrases and terms I've heard in the past 2 days, and Indie said "You guys say barf don't you?" and I said yes (remember Aussies do not pronounce their rs so it sounds like "boff" and then I tried to get them to pronounce it with the r sound and it was just the funniest thing. ;) I'll post the video on here if I can when Rin sends it! It was awesome spending time with them and I leave tomorrow to Cairns where I'm doing a dive refresher course in the morning. Here are some pics from the day followed by some Aussie lingo - which will give you a good idea of some of our hilarious conversations!

Indie and Brooke, two of Jenny's girls, outside the ice cream shop yesterday.
Rin and her 2 kids Raku and Hagan.
Jenny smiling and laughing! :)
Chloe just home from school
Raku, Rin and I being goofballs today!
Jenny and Don and baby (ie bubby in "Australian") Abigail :)

Aussie lingo
(all of which came up in actual conversations we've had! And remember that since they don't pronounce the "r" you have to say "shock-a" for shocker and "ripp-a" for ripper etc)

Thick as two short planks (stupid/dense)
Happy as Larry (happy)
Buckley's or none (chance in hell)
As full as a goog (egg)
Down in the mouth (complaining)
Gobsmacked (astounded)
That's a shocker (bad performance)
Barry Crocker (a shocker)
Having a perv
(there are 2 versions of this - there's a pervy-perv, and a non-pervy perv which is just a look at any old thing. We were talking about me having a look at a cute guys bum - I was having a perv).
gluggy (sticky)
silly sausage (silly person)
Bob's your uncle (aka "she'll be right" aka everything's ok)
nick off or rack off (go away)
quick sticks (hurry up)
Blimey (aka crikey)
nutter (crazy person)
Hooroo (bye)
unpacking your trunk (picking your nose)
Who let Fluffy off the leash? (who farted)
don't argue the toss (don't argue)
gets himself in a fluster
littlies (little kids)
woodies (wood ducks)
maggies (magpies)
cozzies aka bathers aka togs (swim suit)
pokies (poker machine/slot machine)
tallies (tall beer)
stubbies (small beer)
don't go the raw prawn with me (don't b.s. me)
toothy pegs (teeth)
ripper (fantastic)
dob (tell)
chuck up (barf)
cack (laugh)
cacked myself (laughed yourself silly)
carked it (broken)
toy boy (when a man is younger than the woman)
thrown a spanner in the works (messed it up aka "buggered it up")
in a tick (in a minute)
guts for garters (in deep doo doo)
bit me a beauty (gave a good bite)
Bank Johnny (works at a bank)
3/4 length pants (capris)
squib (runt aka small person)
a long time between drinks (you'll have to guess this one but it applies to me - ha!)


Bob Sanchez said...

Hey Wendee,
Thanks for the ripper Aussie slang! Lots of fun to read. My son was in NSW a few years ago, but he never taught me any of this.

David said...

The slang really brought back the memories. Thanks.

Melanie said...

I was able to use "Who let Fluffy off the leash" today in conversation...I'm definitely incorporating that one into my vocabulary;)...