Tuesday, April 29, 2008

parenting and such

Being that I'm sick and feeling like crapola I've been renting some movies and chilling on the couch with my fluffy red blanket and chocolate ice cream. I picked out this movie Suburban Girl based solely on the fact that it's based on two of the short stories from the book, The Girl's Guide to Hunting and Fishing, by Melissa Bank who I happened to hear talk on a panel at last year's ASJA (American Society of Journalists and Authors) conference. The cover looks a little cheesy, but I was actually really impressed and surprised by the movie. It was smart and witty and surprising and quirky. It stars Alec Baldwin and Sarah Michelle Gellar and to be honest I've never seen her act but she was quite good in it. The guy at the video store told me his brother told him it was good, whatever that was worth. He seemed to think that odd, since it's sort of seems like a chick flick but it makes sense because it is, and it isn't at the same time. I think that the movie must reflect the quality of Banks' book, which to be honest I haven't read but it's on my list. I just liked her personality at the panel. She was funny and strong, sort of a tomboy but also NYC-ish. Anyway watching the movie moved the book up on my list of books I want to read.

I also just watched Dan in Real Life with the kids and when his 3 girls are all mad at him, well that's like how I feel sometimes! Sam was interrupting me when I was on the phone earlier and so I had to cut my phone call short and discipline him, basically tell him he could not go back outside. He so wanted to play with his friends, which I understand because I've been gone and all his friends are outside playing. But I was like, look you know the rules, you do not interrupt me on the phone. And especially when he does it repeatedly! I told him to wait 5 minutes, and he just couldn't do it. So, then he stands forlorn like at the front door staring out the window at his friends playing for like 20 minutes!!! And I'm like "SAM, stop standing there looking all forlorn." And then he starts asking me if he can go outside, though he knows he can't. And I'm like "NO! You can't! I said no and that's that." But so then he's all, "there's nothing to do." So I asked him to come watch the movie with me and though he complained and thought it was boring (at first) he did. Then he starts telling me the way the dad gets made fun of and feels left out, that's how he feels. But he's down all because I won't let him go outside and play with his friends, and he can't get his way. I said no, that is how I feel - all the kids are "mad" at the single parent! Steve Carrell was great in this movie. He did a really good job.

It's kinda funny because one day Savie will say how she gets along with her parents unlike most of her other friends, and I felt pretty good about that when she said that the other day. Then another day she'll say how I don't "get her" (um, well she said this tonight) and how different we are. I told her really we are soooo much alike that she just doesn't get that yet. She thinks daddy gets her and he just listens and gets her weirdness. I said well, you have to talk to me more. She said well you don't like the books I like or like to talk about the things I want to talk about. So I said well tell me about the books you're reading. So then we wrastled a little and she acted goofy and I said that Daisy the stuffed bear loved me more than her (an ongoing joke) and then I hugged her goodnight. Though she's probably still up reading! But anyway, teenagers and kids can be confusing! I just hope I don't mess them up for life.


txmomx6 said...

I hope you feel better soon.
And have an awesome time on your trip!!!!


Thanks J! :)

Sharon Guynup said...

Parenting is a wild ride, always a roller coaster...and if they adored you all the time it would mean that you're not doing your job keeping them in line!

TXsharon said...

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