Sunday, April 20, 2008

favorite memories

In no particular order some of my favorite memories from the trip:

1. The very first dive at Osprey Reef where I saw whitetip reef sharks resting on the sea floor, colorful tropical fish swimming around, coral reef above and below, and I distinctly felt like I was swimming in the "Sharks 3-D IMAX" movie.

2. Hanging out with Rin and Jenny at Jenny's place with the kids and laughing and talking and just having an awesome time.

3. Reading my kids' school classes comments to my shark blog gave me a huge smile.

4. Seeing the bigeye thresher shark!

5. Giving a talk on being a science writer to the current SFS Center for Rainforest Studies outside of Yungaburra, and walking through that lush, ferny, jungly place again. It was an amazing feeling to be there again!!

6. Hanging out in Port Douglas with Cat before the trip. I love that town!

7. The drive up to Port Douglas with Dean talking about science, faith, sharks, etc. The serendipity of randomly meeting him & Richard at the Pro Dive pool in Cairns before the trip!

8. Watching for platypus and seeing one in Yungaburra with Sean

9. Hanging out with Sean, Tony and Nicole after the dive trip at T&Ns place.

10. Sean.

So... I've been seriously thinking about going back to Australia in a couple weeks... That timing would allow me to go before the kids get out of school because then I'll be home watching them full time and won't be able to go anywhere. What do you think? Should I do it? I thought about taking the kids to Australia for part of the summer but that would be expensive plus methinks I might wait until next summer and see how things go...

I feel so content and at peace in Australia, like I belong there. I feel like a square peg in a round hole whenever I'm here in my suburban Houston home. I love the laid back tropical nature of things over there. There are so many things I want to experience and see over there. I have a plane ticket ready to be booked but am wavering. Too soon? How does one decide? I have such a strange mix of cautiousness and throwing caution to the wind. I know there's only one chance at this thing called life, and I like to be surprised by it. Surprised by joy. Surprised by grace. So easy to is to hide and not risk. I know from experience that such connections are rare. I'm not sure of the future but I know it will involve amazing things, no matter what happens.

I am loving this saying, "My life is perfect in every way." I say it anytime I start to feel insecurity or worry. And it's true - I love my life! I've been feeling so content lately or was when I was traveling. Wonder if that's Australia or just being away from all the "stuff" of being home? On this trip unlike most I was working and writing straight through and had daily deadlines and still felt great, content, happy... so it's not deadlines per se that bother me apparently. Decisions, decisions...

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