Thursday, April 03, 2008

i love my job!

Today I flew to the tropical north Queensland city of Cairns, where I caught a cab to Pro Dive and did a Scuba refresher in the pool there. It all went brilliantly - the diving gear and using the equipment felt all very natural.

Funny thing, after I finished and changed back in my clothes, I saw these 2 guys in the pool and I was like, man that guy looks like Richard Fitzpatrick who is the shark scientist who will be aboard the Undersea Explorer - the boat being chartered for the Expedition Shark documentary. He's the lead scientist in the doco. I introduced myself and sure enough it was him. So instead of getting my charter bus I rode with the other guy Dean Miller (who is a marine biologist and cameraman who works with Richard) up to Port Douglas - about an hour north of Cairns. I love serendipity!

And my hotel is AMAZING! When Ifirst saw it, I was like, man this is the life! It's warm and humid up here as opposed to the totally un-humid climate in Brisbane but it's still just warm and tropical and delicious. We drove past sugar cane fields, and there are lots of hilly mountains covered in tropical trees and palms on one side of the road, and the aquamarine ocean on the other side (though it's a bit stirred up by wind at the moment). We even saw a wallaby! This is my first time in far north Queensland since I was in college so it's bringing back lots of good memories.

Anyway I'm trying to get the computer all set up to upload photos for Discovery so hopefully it will work. I met up with Cat Gennaro, the underwater photographer, in Port D and we're gonna grab some Thai food. Tomorrow we're going out diving at Agincort Reef on the Great Barrier Reef. Can't wait! Gotta jet.

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