Monday, April 21, 2008

proud of the kids

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.
-- Anais Nin

That is one of my favorite quotes, and it's today's quote on my calendar. I first read it on Alanis Morrissette's website, actually (have reading Anais Nin on my to-do list), and I turned to it now just when deciding whether to go back to Australia, so soon. I want to spend some time, and just see.

Driving home just a few minutes ago from errands, the sun was this beautiful glowing melon-colored ball of light-- just beautiful on the backdrop of ugly suburbia. I have felt out of place here in this Texas suburban culture for some time now. I don't fit into Texas, nor the cookie cutter homes, nor the lifestyles of the soccer moms that live here, nor my church really (though I agree with its theology for the most part and I love my pastor). I feel really at peace in Australia. I love it there (whether it loves me is another story - ha!) I have made some wonderful friends here in Houston though, mostly over the past couple years, people who also break the mold and who think and live and love differently. But I've been saying that I wanted to live in Australia for, oh about the last 17 years. Well mostly the last 2 since I went there again in 2006 but even before then I did want to return. I have 5 years left here with the kids and then who knows, but I know I'll be outta Texas faster than greased lightning. And who knows what will happen in the next few years. God has His way of working things out. I prayed for some answers and got some pretty clear ones (involving a platypus...and other things) and things just feel right in my heart.

On another note, I have to brag about my daughter - she got 1st place in all 3 events she participated in at the regional PSIA (Private School Interscholastic Association) competition a few weeks back!! That would be writing, spelling and dictionary skills. Sam also placed 3rd place in spelling! So Savannah will participate in the State competition at TCU May 3 weekend. I was in LA en route to Australia during the regional competition and she called me and was beaming!!

I'm so proud of her. Both of the kiddos are just super smart and doing so well. They've been in private school all their lives, and Matt and I are debating putting them in public next year. While I absolutely love their school for so many reasons (from academics to outdoor education to service learning to a positive spiritual religious education with tolerance taught plus strong science/evolution taught) the main thing is that they've just had the same middle school teachers for several years now. As wonderful as they are, I feel they need to have their horizons expanded by being taught by different people. The question is whether to change schools this year, when they'd both go to middle school 1 year together, or wait until Savie is in high school the following year. Decisions, decisions...

I can't believe school is almost out. The reason I'm going to Australia now is because the kids will be out of school May 22 and I'll be home watching them. I want to get up to the Daintree, maybe do some more diving. Who knows. We'll see.

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Iolite said...

I'm so on the same page with you about ugly suburbia and not fitting in here! :) Everything is happening perfectly. :)