Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Sometimes I just go sit in my kids room and talk to them and bug them. I was in Sams room just now lying down on his bed, bored and we're all bored really. He's cleaning his room for entertainment if that tells you anything. So Savie comes in and we're talking about being bored and I said I feel like I need an injection or something. I feel like I need an injection of happiness. I said maybe I should get on crack. LOL. Savie goes, "Mom! Don't say THAT!" ROFLOL.

Sam then started telling me to get out of his room, and I start to sing, "Nobody loves me, everybody hates me, I think I'll just eat mud." Then I go wait, is it mud or worms? I can't remember if it's mud or worms. He goes, "Why would you eat mud when you can eat cereal?" Oh and by the way the rest of the song is, "Long fat juicy ones, Skinny, thin, slimy ones, See how they wiggle and squirm."

Sam had a tooth sitting there on his bedstand. Savie said, that's disgusting Sam you have teeth lying around everywhere. I said the Tooth Fairy didn't come for your latest tooth, did she? He said, no the Tooth Fairy doesn't like me. (to be clear, we really do not believe in tooth fairies, they know it's "me"). So when he wasn't looking me and Savie took some money out of his wallet and put it under his pillow and said, Sam look, the Tooth Fairy came! So he looks and says oh! cool! the Tooth Fairy came! (FYI He just read this and said, MOM! You are Evil!)

Anyway so I'm totally freaking bored out of my skull. I'm feeling the urge to travel. I have been blindly watching the photos going as a slideshow on my laptop and thinking man I have been to some cool-ass amazing places. Wow! I can die happy already. I've lived! But it brings out the wanderlust in me, and I want to travel!! I desperately want to go to Africa. I want to just ditch everything and travel around the world for like a year. I actually sort of want to do that when my kids go to college. I want to go to an island, or the beach and just live the sort of laid back surfer girl life. I can write there. I really feel so imprisoned in this suburbia sometimes!! It's so boring!!!!!!!!!

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