Tuesday, June 10, 2008

um, ya, ok

Oh. My. God. I am laughing! Just got back from taking my kiddos to dinner at On the Border, and well I found out that on my latest credit card bill,my daughter has rung up quite the cell phone bill - due to text messaging. And guess what her text messages are about?

S: I like goldfish and OJ

A: LOL goldfish. LMAO. Apple juice is better...


A: Apple. It could totally beat orange in any time.

S: Nuh uh! Lol. Orange is the best!

A: Of course not. Apple. Orange has pulp and stuff.

S: That's why u get pulp free. Ah hah hah hah!

A: Apple juice is less healthy

S: Orange juice is orangyer

A: It's applier

S: Whatcha doing now?

A: We won (A and another friend were together arguing the merits of AJ)

S: Huh???

A: We won the the apple vs orange battle


This was over SEVERAL HOURS... oh my. My kids are fruitloops (and their friends!) :)

Then at dinner we had a conversation about whether I was a freak, and whether they were freaks or not. Their argument that I was a freak? I hug trees. Savie was analyzing everything, like, when I said that George W Bush had some of the worst ratings of any President in US history and she goes, "Well how do you know because they didn't have polls and all of that back when say George Washington was President." I was like, "You are such a scientist!" Which is, of course, a good thing. She was also analyzing everything, which was quite hilarious. Sam was doing the same thing too.

Oh and if anyone needs a person to do auctions? My daughter can talk like 9 gajillion miles per minute!! I mean, REALLY! I need to record her and put it on this blog. She can not even breathe she will just talk and talk and talk and talk like sooooooo fast you're like, slooow down!!! OK like RIGHT NOW she is doing it and she is saying: Savannah is cool, nobody is cooler than me because I am a freak because I am a freak. You are a Democratic freak. No I didnt say that, I said you are a different kind of freak. I am a good kind of freak. You're not a bad kind of freak you're just a different kind of freak.

I think she had too much root beer.

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