Thursday, November 03, 2005

blog mama

I think that its cool that several people have started blogs because they read mine and then got "inspired" if that is the word to do their own. I'm a blog mama!

I myself was inspired to start a blog from my dear friend Jen who has an amazing story. Her blog was started by her late husband Joel who wrote his cancer story as he endured treatment. I linked to the main page because the story of their love is written on their faces in the photo on the main page, when they are in the hospital. She took over the blog when he died in Oct 2003. We met at the Conservation Genetics 2-week Workshop at the Smithsonian CRC in Virginia last August and we would run together in the hills of the southern Appalachians. Jen is a total inspiration! When I wear my LiveSTRONG bracelet it is for her. She has run and won many marathons and triathlons. She's so cool. And she studies sharks!!!

I love things that make me laugh so I have to point this out because it is a riot! The "other Wendee" has a very cool blog and she posted some photos of her pumpkin carving contest. She is also a very talented artist!!! You must see this:

More later. I need to tell the story of how the chinch bugs took over my yard. Its a full-scale chinch bug invasion. Ugh. They're gone now but the scars remain...


Wendee said...

Right, so when the rest of you see that a Wendee is commenting either here, or at the FridgeDoor, you'll have to remember that it's not either one of us Wendees talking to ourselves (well, maybe), but the other one posting comments. :)

Wendee in L.A.

Wendee said...

I found a comment on WendeeH's website, that maybe she should "... write a children's book about an environmental superhero named WhirlWendee. She slogs through the backwoods and marshes, flinging giant mudballs at unsuspecting villains..." I think this is a great idea. And, I know someone that could probably do goofy illustrations of WhirlWendee's heroics... ;)

wendeepower! :D
wendee in l.a.