Wednesday, November 23, 2005


The last couple of days the sky has had a few wispy scattered clouds. It adds a dimension to photographs. I took some incredible photos of the red rock hills behind the cabin, glowing in a rich light that made them appear even more reddish in the photo than the eye saw. A puffy thin streak of cloud went behind them, and it looked really cool. My cam battery croaked though so I'll have to upload later.

I think I may make a foray into town today - either Abiquiu or even all the way to Santa Fe. I want to get some cranberry sauce so I can have my own little private Thanksgiving feast. No turkey but I may make some chicken. And stuffing. I do have a sweet potato in the fridge. I will have to make a fire tomorrow and look at the stars. I have been hesitant to, because I'm not the greatest warrior-firebuilder she-woman, and I'm a complete cold wimp. Though I suppose after the fire is started it will not be cold. If it lights. And lasts more than 5 minutes sputtering along. I did make my own very first campfire when I camped with the kids at Martin Dies Jr State Park earlier this year (part of the Big Thicket - the State Park actually got pretty destroyed with Hurricane Rita). Anyway no matter I have to make a fire and that is that.

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Cool photograph!