Tuesday, November 08, 2005

precious grownups

The other day I sat inside Starbucks staring out the window at these two little kids, probably two year-olds - a little blond curly-headed boy and a little Indian girl. They were identical in size, and they both held onto one of the poles that has an umbrella on it and they held their arms out and walked around and around it like a May pole. It was so cute. Children are so precious and fun to watch in their unselfconsciousness. I always wonder though why we think of children as so precious but adults lose their preciousness to most of us. After all, we are all really just those precious little kids all grown up.

We can come up with reasons to justify our changed attitudes toward adults - we're not as cute, we become more selfish (which I'd argue the point), and so on. But I like to think of the people I'm frustrated with as little children and as precious. When I get frustrated with my kids - I try to think of how I would talk to them or treat them if I knew they had cancer. It is a pretty harsh way to think about things in one sense but I think its the right way. Although we may indulge a child with cancer a little but more than a purely healthy one, the attitude we would take toward them is the correct one I believe. Tenderness, a gentle teaching spirit, and a lot of love and patience.

I am getting very excited about going to the Gwen Stefani and Black Eyed Peas concert Thurs night!!! It should be a lot of fun. My freezer seems to have miraculously recovered - no odor and its freezing just fine... guess freezer prayer team worked. Thanks! :)

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Sus said...

To me precious invokes a sense of innocence that as we grow older we eventually lose. I'm not saying we as adults aren't innocent but I don't feel we project it. Similiar to how I believe everyone has psychic abilities but whether or not we decide to acknowledge this or not.