Sunday, November 20, 2005

i have found heaven... and its in NM

I have found heaven and its in New Mexico... this place is beautiful. I walked around after I got settled and every minute the sky changed. I'd look through my camera lens and then look up and say out loud "Oh my gosh," and "Wow!" The colors of the sunset and the rolling hills, covered with sagebrush and yucca and tumbleweed... in the distance the sun illuminated the already snow-capped peaks. I am only disappointed that my camera can not capture the beauty near to what the eye can see. Georgia O'Keeffe painted here in Abiquiu, she painted these very hills and mountains.

I may have a hard time concentrating to write... However I have to force myself. Here are some photos I took. The cabin - Owl Mountain Writer's Retreat - overlooks - you guessed it, Owl Mountain. It uses solar panels which power up a battery that runs my laptop and some lights. There is a self-composting toilet outside. A propane wood stove heats the place at night and there is a propane-run refrigerator and stove. There is a large water tank outside and a camp shower inside that also runs by propane. Its just like when I grew up, only much more modern! I picked up some groceries in Santa Fe and Marguerite, the owner, has the place stocked with all kinds of goodies. Its a real treat to stay here.

Even a few beers and a bottle of wine in the fridge.

So driving up the driveway several Tibetan prayer flags greet you. The cabin is poised on a hill, and the topography is incredible. I will have to hike around the red hills where Owl Mountain is. All around are sandy washes where evidence of water from rainstorms past flushed through. There are so many colors. I had so many profound things to say earlier but I am all out of words, so I will leave you with some photos.
Inside the cabin. Note the carved wooden owl at the upper left corner of the photo.
Tibetan prayer flags
Self-portrait of my shadow

The cabin nestled in the hills


Anonymous said...

looks cool

David said...

Looks really cool.