Wednesday, November 30, 2005

blustery day

It is so incredibly windy today! You'd think the outhouse would get blown right away... The dust is flying everywhere. A few birds have been whacked up against the windows as they dart about. Most of them have gone away for the time being. There are quite a few birds, they eat the juniper berries and the birdseed in the feeder. I wish I'd brought my bird book but alas I did not. I hope it is not this windy when I fly out on Sunday!

Well I really don't have any brilliant things to say today. Unlike my other brilliant posts about things like frozen pee. I will update later, perhaps, if I am feeling like it. I have made some progress on my proposal and all I have is the Expanded Table of Contents and possibly a sample chapter which I doubt I will finish before I leave. I will complete all the rest though... my friend Miranda said she doesn't know how I work so fast and I was like, dang, I thought I have been inching along like a freaking snail.

I read this article, "Enough Nature Writing Already" by Stephen Lyons in High Country News from 1999, and thought it was a hoot.

Quoting, "This may be heresy, but how many times do we need to wade through an introvert’s musings on his or her latest tramp into unspoiled wilderness? Would it hurt anyone to have a moratorium on the word 'sacred,' or on the following: 'I take a step slowly across the knoll. I listen to coyotes howl. I watch hawks circle on thermals that I feel against my skin, which is attached to my body. If only all of humankind could walk with me and think the same thoughts I have then all conflicts, cruelty, and madness would cease. I take another step ... into the wild.'"

Well at least in my belly-button gazing musings, I talk about frozen pee.

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