Saturday, August 16, 2008

Crow's Nest Falls

Lounging in the sun at Crows Nest Falls in the most perfect beachy spot.

Rin & I - longtime friends reunited! We are at Crows Nest Falls National Park on the search for rock wallabies! Unfortunately we didn't see any, nor any koalas, but it was super great to get outside and get some exercise and be inspired by the beautiful Australian bush.

Me and Rin, with shades!

A shot of the main pool area of Crow's Nest Falls National Park. You can't really see the falls - well I didn't see them at all. Apparently there's been a severe drought here in this area of Queensland for several years and the water level is way low.

Raku created this mound of sand/dirt with the grassy stuff poking out of the top and I said, that reminds me of the coconut man in Castaway (or was it a volleyball?) so I said, we need to make a face.

I laid down in the sun for an hour in a star shape which I felt like doing because I read this yesterday in If the Buddha Dated, "That's how you came here, like a star without a name" (Rumi in Say I Am You). The angle is pretty funny as I look like I don't have an abdomen! The other funny thing is that when I laid there, one of my initial thoughts was, "I'm glad I'm not being crucified."

The sun was absolutely amazing. It filled up my spirit so much. After all the freezing weather, and the intensity of emotions, this was just what the doctor ordered! I was at such peace. I bought this necklace at the Sanctuary Retreat - one of the girls who worked there makes jewelry. It's so bold and strong and reminds me of the watery earth.

Raku and I spinning round and round in circles. This felt so great. In yoga, this is supposed to balance the chakras or somesuch... whatever, it's just plain fun!

A spotted velvet gecko Raku found in the rocks at Crows Nest Falls National Park. Amazing how camoflaged it is! It was hiding in a crevice with a skink, but I didn't get a good shot of the skink.

Rin at Crows Nest Falls National Park.

A flowering acacia.

The Burtons :) Cam, Rin, Hagan and Raku

A cassowary eating fruit off a tree in Mission Beach near the Rehabilitation Centre run by Australian Rainforest Foundation. It was once thought that cassowaries only ate fruit that had fallen to the ground but scientists (and me!) have now documented them eating off of trees directly.

A cassowary in Mission Beach at the Rehabilitation Centre. Not a great photo but you can get a good view of the wattles. They kind of look like testicles, don't they?


Sus said...

Those things are freakin' hilarious looking!! I guess when you were talking about them I just figured they were some sort of regular'ish small bird. *lol*

Unknown said...

i know they are funny looking aren't they? They remind me of Snuffalufagus! (from the backside anyway)

Anonymous said...

i like the mound. miss u