Monday, August 25, 2008

Glasshouse Mountains

We spent the day yesterday at the Glasshouse Mountains, near Beerwah, which is actually very close to Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo (we drove past it) on a "bug catch" event which Jenny oversees for her work. It was a drop-dead gorgeous sunny day, just perfect temperature. I shot some photos of the University of Queensland students who were out there doing this voluntarily for a class, and hung out with Jenny, Don and the little ones. Then Don and I went with Brooke and Abby to Montville, to check out the shops, and then can back to get Jenny and head home.

Today I've been writing and then we went to see Chloe's school performance, where she was both in the senior band & also in a play with called Shiv'r Me Timbers. It was very cool because at the end, two of the kids came out and talked about the theme which was honesty, and how that is a virtue that includes not lying or cheating and living in integrity which meant accepting the truth even when it wasn't easy. That's a pretty profound thought to teach primary school kids.

I leave tomorrow morning at 11am - a 12 hour flight to LA then a 3-hour flight to Houston. Prayers appreciated! I am so stoked to get home. Godspeed. Love to all!

A view of the Glasshouse Mountains from a lookout on Mary Cairnscross Road, near Montville. They were named by Captain Cook, after glass houses in England.

A closer-up view of the Glasshouse Mountains.

A close-up of a scribbly gum. The scribbles are made by the larvae of a moth which eats underneath the bark.

Don, Brooke & Abby having a picnic lunch

A view of the bush - Eucalyptus forest

Brooke finds a caterpillar!

A dried Banksia flower. Lorikeets and parrots love these.

Catching flying insects with sweep nets in the bush at the Beerwah Scientific Reserve.

At the end of a long day, they collect night time insects using lights and a sheet.

Photos Copyright (c) 2008 Wendee Holtcamp

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Sus said...

I know you're already in the air but never late than never to send you lots of safe prayers.

I feel sorta sad for you, leaving Australia again since I know how much that world means to you. It's been fun reading & looking at all the new pic's.