Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tabletop Mountain

We went on a walk up Tabletop Mountain this afternoon, which is really more of a steep hill,not far from Toowoomba. It's pretty steep at first and goes through some scrambly rock beds and took about an hour or so. It was a good strenuous hike, and not too far.

A view of Tabletop Mountain from the lookout point in Toowoomba.

Part of the trail to the top involved going over these very rocky bits!

Rin and I on top of Tabletop Mountain. We had fun taking a bunch of self portraits. :) They have sunspots though... in one picture it was my "third eye"! I love this one!

The trail to the top of Tabletop Mountain.
Fields of grass on top of Tabletop Mountain.
I look like my leg is cut off - but this is me at the top of Tabletop Mountain! Joy! :) At the top of Tabletop Mountain, joyful Rin!

One last thing - check out this page, Right Brain vs Left Brain, and tell me what direction the lady is spinning for you. Some people see her spinning in first one then the other direction, but others she always goes in the same direction (at least for that day!). For me, she has always gone to the right and I can not envision how she could possibly reverse and spin the other way. It makes sense though because I'm totally in my emotions at the moment, emotional and creating and writing... so I guess when I'm back into my more scientific rational mindset she will switch!


M2K2USA said...

Wow...that website is cool. I kept seeing her turn to the right also, but whenever I would take my eyes off of it and focus on something else, I would look back and she would be turning to the left!!!
Beautiful pictures by the way!! The weather looks warm. Well, if you live in AK, I guess anywhere looks warm!!!
Take care and have a safe trip!
K in AK

Unknown said...

thanks for the nice words on the photos! It is actually pretty cold here, its been freezing... but it was nice and sunny when we went out hiking. :)