Saturday, August 23, 2008

field hockey etc

Today I went with Jenny to her field hockey semi-finals. I'm totally hopeless when it comes to sports - they're just not my thing - so I had no clue what was going on but it was fun to see her do her thing! I spent the beautiful sunny day out there reading, hanging out with Brooke, and text messaging :) We're home and had a lovely dinner and Abigail just threw up, all over Jenny! Buckets of vomit! And then she just said, as I write this, "That was my dinner." (she is 22 months old). Now, it's back to work.

Jenny doing her hockey thing. She is right fullback.

Abigail - What a cutie!
Brooke and Abigail ready for bed. They came upstairs to hang out with me and we took some cute videos of them counting and talking.

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