Monday, May 26, 2008

crazy sexy life

I am sooo tired. I had a fun Memorial day pool party today, or rather I went to a fun pool party today at a friend's house, with all my crazy sexy fun girlfriends! Then I didn’t feel like working - ie writing - so I rented a couple movies. I rented the documentary Crazy Sexy Cancer by Kris Carr. I’d seen her website before (maybe even included the link here before) and had met her book's editor at the last years ASJA (American Society of Journalists & Autors) conference which is where I first heard of Kris.

As mentioned, I’m trying to watch docos since I want to produce one and/or be involved in one. I fell asleep though halfway through since I'm so tired... and am just doing a quick ol check o the email and post a quickie on the blog. I normally stay up late but tonite think I’m gonna hit the hay rack. Oh anyway if you get time check her out – pretty inspiring and interesting. At 31 she was a single actress living in NYC and was diagnosed with a slow-growing incurable cancer. She wrote a book then produced a documentary that aired on The Learning Channel, I think, and Discovery Health. Her website is but her blog is cool too: There’s also her My Crazy Sexy Life community for everyone not just cancer survivors She is very into raw food and helped make herself more healthy by transforming her diet. I'm going to have to read more about this.

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