Sunday, May 25, 2008

Mommy-Daughter days

When I lived with my dad growing up, my dad's girlfriend, Celeta, (who I consider a second mom) and I used to have what we called "Urchin Day." My nickname was Urchin because I was a grubby dirty little urchin, running around all barefoot in the woods. Being the hippie free spirit woman that she was, Celeta was also my dad's other Urchin girl. So Celeta and I had birthdays exactly 20 years apart and 2 days and we were incredibly close. So we would have an "Urchin Day" in which she and I would go do something just the two of us to celebrate our birthdays and our "urchinhood." The one I remember most was when we went to OMSI, the Oregon Museum of Science & Industry. I also remember the one where Celeta hit a deer, and killing it really affected her and made her sad. I think after she hit the deer, she was so sad that we either decided not to go that day, or maybe it was on the way home after the day was done. I'll have to ask her...

So I've carried on this tradition by having periodic "Mommy (or rather Mommee as I am known)-Daughter days." Today was one of those days. It had been a while, and we were overdue! We went first to get a spa pedicure, and then we went to see Made of Honor at the movie theatre. We did a little shopping and then had some snacks at the Barnes & Noble Cafe'.

Savie & I talked about my forming the Solomon Islands nonprofit and I told her how the Directors do not need to be any particular age, and she said she'd like to do that. So it's possible she may be on the Board of Directors. I think she would be really good at it, and it would be so cool to bring her over there and show her the Solomon Islands sooner rather than later. Course her dad may have a heart attack about the idea. First I'll need to go over there first and check it out. She's such a responsible and mature girl, and she cares so much about helping people. She's definitely not your typical teenage girl. Earlier this evening, I walked in and saw her working on the computer, and what was on the screen? A bunch of house blueprints!!! Go figure. Her new thing is she thinks she might want to be an architect... This is after years of wanting to be an emergency medical pediatric surgeon, which she decided on at age 8. (the pic to the right is Savie in Alaska, in Prince William Sound, when she was 2. How cute is she?!)

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Anonymous said...

Treasure your beautiful girl. Don't sweat the small stuff. Lift her up always and find joy every day. Now is your moment with her. Delight in all who she is.