Friday, May 16, 2008


As I mentioned on the previous blogs we stayed with some friends of S's that he's really close to and who are like second parents, Coral and Johnno. Here, Coral goes after Sean with "the thong" which is used to smack mis-behavers. I love this thing! When I told Savannah on the phone about it, & how they call "flip flops" thongs there, she said "Gives a whole new meaning to 'thong wars'" - ha! Um, that would be when Sam & Savie fling my thong underwear at one another while folding the laundry...

A crucifix spider at Coral & John's.
One of the 6 saltwater crocs we saw on a tour of the Daintree River on Bruce Belcher's Crocodile Cruise.

Sean setting up the mud crab pots in the creek.

Johnno with one of the mud crabs on his head. See how they're black before you cook them? This one didn't have either of his front claws. Oddly when they're stressed they "drop" their claws!
The mud crab turns bright red-orange after it's cooked! This one had monster claws! I even held it when alive and took it out of the mud crab pot. That impressed Sean :)

These are the coolest fish EVER. They are called mud skippers I think and they have "arms" and they hope and skip across the water and onto the bank, like "evolution in action"! It is sitting on the bank just in between the mangrove tree roots.

A freshwater creek at Cow Bay Beach, where a big saltie lives - aka salwater croc. This is where we set the mud crab pots.
The same freshwater creek closer to where it enters the ocean.
A shot of rivulets on the beach at low tide.

Driftwood at Cow Bay Beach.

Little balls made by crabs on Cow Bay beach.

Me spinning around and around in circles.

Sunset over Port Douglas on my last day there.


Wendee said...

Oh, you just make me sigh, Holtcamp. Sweet dreams to you of your man.


is that a good sigh, or just a i'm gonna hurl sigh? ;)

gia said...

hellerrrrrr... I had no idea!!! Cingrats Wendee.... I know how much you shine when there is love in your life! Shine on, sistah!

Melody said...

Ok, OK. I get it. You guys were made for eachother obviously. It's so clear, just looking at photos of the 2 of you! You're so cute together. Amazing photos - Can't wait to get together Wed. for wine & story telling time. :0)

Wendee said...

If you made me feel so, I'd go ahead and just say you make me wanna hurl. But that would be kinda rude, 'eh?

It's a good sigh, full of the sweetness of love.

Sus said...

boy...what can one say to such imagery. Seriously girlfriend, the pictures say it all. So incredibly happy for you! :)


ahhh thanks for the comments. it is lovely... and i miss him!!!

Iolite said...

Wendee! How wonderful!
Thanks for sharing your beautiful experiences.


TXsharon said...

He. Is. Yummy!


Sharon - I know - yummy! :) and he's MINE so enjoy the look but hands off - ha ha! :) love you girl!

TXsharon said...

But, I want one!

Seriously, he is VERY sexy. He looks a little like a young Sean Connery. Smokin' hot!


but Sharon you can't have him so there! ;0) What do you mean you want "one"? Should we clone him? Then I'd want the clone too! That might be fun... ha ha!!!

Sus said...

well, scientists have supposedly just brought back the Tasmanian Tiger which has been extinct. Someting to do with taking mouse genes and splicing with tiger genes and..and......just plain wrong if ya ask me.


here's a link to the article on teh Tassie tiger stuff,2933,356768,00.html - interesting!