Thursday, May 01, 2008

i am officially a gypsy...

I was watching the movie Mr & Mrs Smith with the kids (which was really quite violent... I wasn't too crazy about that) while working on my taxes, and I got to the part where I'm compiling my travel expenses. I had to ask them - out loud - "Does it seem like I am I ever home?" I don't think they heard me. But wow! I was like a super gypsy traveling soul this past year. It was the same in 2006 - in fact I think it may have been worse. Well I shouldn't say "worse" because I love it this way!!! I have a serious case of wanderlust in my veins.... (PS the pic to the right is one I took on my cell phone camera to send to my honey in Australia! I thought it turned out kinda ok. I normally hate pics of myself!)
Here's a brief recap of my travel in 2007:


  • Ecuador/The Galapagos Islands


  • New Orleans Mission Trip with church
  • Glen Rose/Fossil Rim - with kids


  • University of N. TX (gave a talk)
  • New York City (conference, but saw lots of the city!)
  • Galveston, TX


  • Los Angeles - Paige & Hugh's wedding
  • CO Bend St Pk/Enchanted Rock camping w/ Sam's class


  • Neches Nat. Wildlife Refuge - canoe trip & camping
  • San Francisco area & Yosemite N.P. - with kids


  • Drove from Portland, OR to Glacier N.P. with dad


  • Drove to Big Bend N.P.
  • Guadalupe River St. Pk - rafting with Savannah's class
  • San Francisco/Berkeley - writing conference and hanging with Zofia/Kira


  • Caddo Lake St Pk, camping & canoeing with Sam's class


  • Nepal with "one night in Bangkok"

Dec: nothing!!

  • Oh wait, actually I did go to Dallas with the kids post-Christmas!!

In the words of Lilly from Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse, "All I can say is, Wow!" At least several of the trips were with the kids so I don't feel QUITE as guilty :)

Speaking of travel... I'm headed to Dallas and Fort Worth tomorrow morning. The plan is that the kids are playing hooky from school tomorrow and we're going to visit the Dallas Aquarium and Museum of Nature & Science in Fair Park, then I'm going to interview some biologists at River Legacy Parks for an article I'm doing on urban bobcats, and then we'll stay with Mom and Skip. Saturday Savannah has the State PSIA competition at TCU so we'll hang out there for the day and then maybe go to eat at the Rainforest Cafe for fun afterwards. Then it's back home, so I can head to L.A. then Australia Monday!!! Woohoo!!!!! Lotsa love to all!!

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Sharon Guynup said...

Wow--you do qualify as a bona-fide gypsy!

I look forward to your posts from Down Under!