Tuesday, May 06, 2008

in Port Douglas

I have been flying/traveling for over 28 hours now and am soooo desperately in need of a shower. I got a shuttle from the Cairns airport to Port Douglas and while I was sitting on the shuttle, I glanced up and out the window only to see a bunch of chubby looking animals sitting in a roadside cow pasture like meerkats do, upright with their paws held by their chest, and I was thinking to myself, What the heck are those things? They were about twice the height of meerkats and bottom-heavy with big haunches. Then I laughed and smiled so big when I realized it was like a dozen pademelons which are small wallabies!!! So surreal to be here in tropical Australia. I love the tropics, the tree ferns and palms and warmth and sunshine. And I love the Aussie animals!! I am so happy to be here! I miss my kiddos though... THEY BETTER TEXT ME!!! Or maybe email... read below...

Tomorrow we are going with the Undersea Explorer crew to see the Premier of Sharkwater in Cairns, a documentary I've been hearing a lot about! Cairns is about an hour south from Port Douglas along a beautiful 2-lane road that runs along the ocean.

Oh, oddly my cell phone does not have any reception here despite having it when I was here before. Go figure! And imagine the brilliant soul who cooked this one up at Cingular/AT&T. I went online to log into my account and email tech support (since I can't call) but since I forgot my password I had it reset. Well guess how they are sending it? TEXT MESSAGE! Ugh. Morons! And, the only other option is US mail!!! So now not only do I not have reception I can't log into my account or contact them to find out why I don't have reception when I should.


Sharon Guynup said...

so glad you're there--and look forward to hearing about these Aussie adventures!

TXsharon said...

Are you blogging with a lap top? Bummer you can't get cell phone reception. Just fagidaboutit and have a wonderful time.