Wednesday, May 07, 2008


I crashed about 7pm last night; after all it was 3am my time! It's just noon now, and we had brekky (that's Aussie slang for breakfast) with JR, the legend who started the Undersea Explorer many years ago. He was on the shark trip I was just on and is featured prominently in the Expedition Shark documentary, and I'm interviewing him for some new articles I'm writing on sharks and the shark research & conservation going on here. Exciting stuff!

Then I went to the loo in the coolest toilet on the planet. Straight out of Inspector Gadget! You push a button on the outside and a metal door opens. Then you walk inside and it gives you 10 minutes to use the toilet or else it will unlock and open on you... You can press the button to get out sooner but what happens if you're taking a big crap and you're not done in ten minutes?! Ha! But then after you finish you press a button for the electronic toilet-paper-dispenser! Then you finish your business, and there is no way to flush. However... when you wash your hands it flushes! So if you don't wash your hands, it flushes when you open the door and allows you to exit the facility. The sink is also all electronic. You hold your hand under the automatic soap dispenser, the water, then the hand dryer (though these are obviously standard in most bathrooms now). But the whole thing was really cool! What can I say? I am entertained easily. I t ook a bunch of photos because I want to write an article about this toilet!! LOL!!

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