Tuesday, May 27, 2008


That's not a call I ever want to get again. Savie called at 630am from Matt's, woke me up to say they were taking Sam to the hospital & they'd pick me up on the way. She didn't even know what was wrong as M had already taken him down to the truck. I got ready quick & said I'd just meet them there to save time. I called again to find what happened while they were driving & apparently Sam had fainted in the bathroom, Matt heard a thunk & went in there. He had completely lost consciousness & he started to come to, but was very out of it. M took him right to the truck in his boxers & all. Sam got an IV & blood tests & a cat scan. We were there for about 4 hours. Sam has 2nd degree burns from being at the beach yesterday, blisters & all. M & Savie went fishing & hanging out at the beach with some friends & despite wearing spf 50 sunscreen they still got burned to a crisp! The fainting could have been just dehydration & sun stroke but we need to go to another doc to make sure. All the tests at the hospital turned out fine, praise God!

I just ate the yummiest blueberry banana protein smoothie, made extra yummy by marshmallows :) My microwave is on the Fritz which sucks because I use that thing all the time. I have no clue how to fix a microwave or even if you can! Its installed over the stove so I guess it would have to come out & a new one out in?! Anyone know?

I'm watching the special features on Crazy Sexy Cancer DVD, & which I just finished watching in full with the kids (Savie loves all things health/medical, & in fact was jealous that Sam got a cat scan because she wanted one! Ha! She is obsessed with discovery health channel, or was before we cancelled cable). Anyway so I am inspired by this doco to eat more raw foods. I think I'm pretty healthy but I eat crap sometimes. If I ever got cancer I think for sure I'd go all out super healthy juicing, raw foods etc. So why not now? In Nepal everyone was a vegan except Mickey who ate all raw (and also drank his pee, which I'll refrain from, thank you). I also really loved the wisdom of a black playwright Oni interviewed by Kris (the doco director & woman featured in the doco with cancer). Oni had this great technique of setting a timer for 10 minutes & writing for that time. Then she'd clean up or whatever for another 10 minutes , then back to writing for 10 minutes . I'm going to have to try this. Lately I feel very lazy & not like writing... I can blog no worries, but writing the assignments can be a drag sometimes. But deadlines are coming up so gotta hop to it. Sadly I just saw on the crazy sexy blog that Oni just died recently. She wrote a play, Tough Titty, about breast cancer and having a mastectomy. Here's a link to her Oni Fund, which benefits a college scholarship for her two boys she left behind.

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Melanie said...

Praying for Sam. I felt great for the month that I was 80% raw. It's amazing what it does for you. But it's really hard to maintain because it's so limiting. I have heard that it can help with autoimmune diseases like lupus too...been trying to convince my mom to give it a shot, but that's very much an uphill battle. Glad everything went okay yesterday.