Tuesday, May 20, 2008

a nice day

I drove some of the middle school kids (at my kids' school) to Jesse Jones Park for their field trip today. They have been doing environmental work at the park for the past 3 years. They help eradicate invasive Chinese tallow trees and also pick up trash. First we took the schoolkids to Wendy's for lunch, where I was told by my kids' friends that I was "so cool" because I stuck french fries into chocolate shake and also stole Savie's shake from her and kept eating it, which they thought was very humorous. Everyone except Savie, that is. :) Well maybe I think THEY are cool! Kids are usually so much cooler than fuddy duddy parents... I shouldn't say that. But... it's true :)

So while the kids were slaving away I was going to read my Biomimicry book for an article I'm working on, but I ended up laying down my head on my backpack and falling asleep. It's freaking hot, like 90+ degrees already! Later, when we were almost finished and everyone was coming back on the trail, I was taking pics of the kids and then I took a self portrait and looked at it on the view-finder and I said out loud, "What is that thing on my head?" and then I go, "Oh, my hair." To which Savie immediately retorts, "I think I got my brains from the other side of the family." And her friend cracked up. To be fair, there was something poking up FROM my hair but I have to admit it was rather humorous.

When I got back to the kids' school they had a couple hours before they got out for the day so since their school is like 20 minutes from home I just went around the back of the building and took a nap in the grass. Why am I sooo tired?!!!!

This afternoon me and the kids went for a walk around the neighborhood. It was nice. I then played gin rummy with Sam, and now they're going to go to bed. It's nice to be back here spending some time with them. Their school gets out Thursday, a couple weeks before the public schools, & they'll be home and bored off their rockers before you know it. I am working on taxes, and some new articles. I am giving a talk at my kids' school on Thursday (their last day of school) about the shark stuff so that should be cool! I wish I was in Australia... wish we were all there.

I have read a whole bunch in Scott Peck's writing on "coincidences" and God, and plan to blog on that soon. It really stinks being away from Sean. We talk every day, several times a day and text back and forth but... it's not the same as being in person. I miss him and we need to invent a teleporting machine asap. So get on it someone!

By the way these two shots were taken today at Jones Park.

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